Commercial Insurance You Should Consider

Every business is a little bit different from the next. Due to this, you should never just accept a cookie-cutter form of commercial insurance. With the help of the professionals at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc., it is possible to receive help uncovering the different insurance options and how each can help you with your business in and around Huntington, MD.

Professional Liability Insurance

This policy is one you need to consider, regardless of the kind of industry you’re in. There are times where your products and services may not deliver entirely as promised. When this happens, a customer may attempt to sue you for negligence. Professional liability insurance helps protect you in this case. 

Worker’s Compensation

If an employee is hurt on the job, it can become expensive taking care of not only their salary but the cost of the injuries and other medical bills. With the right insurance coverage, your employees (and your business) will be protected.

Property Insurance

You don’t need to own the property to need this insurance. Property insurance also covers the items inside of the building. So, if you have stock or machinery you’ve invested in, it’s a good idea to consider a property insurance add-on. 

Vehicle Insurance

If you drive a vehicle for work or have a job specific vehicle, you need vehicle insurance. This helps protect you in the event of an accident, and if the company is sued because of it. 

There are many different forms of insurance, which is exactly why you need the help of the professionals at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. to find out which kind of coverage may work better for your business, regardless of if it is located in Huntington, MD or somewhere else in the neighboring communities. Reach out to our agents in Calvert County for more information.

How Will a Traffic Ticket Affect Your Auto Insurance

Calvert County residents who have one or more auto tickets may be wondering how these tickets will affect their current auto insurance policy or their ability to find a new auto insurance plan. Below, we’ll discuss how traffic tickets affect auto insurance and what you need to know about monthly premiums despite having tickets on your record.

Is Insurance Affected by Traffic Tickets?

Essentially, auto insurance providers want to know that you’re not going to get into an accident. After all, when they are your insurance provider, and you get into an accident, this is when they have to start paying money out.

Naturally, they don’t want to do this. This is their business, and that’s just the way it works. There’s no way auto insurance companies could make any profit if they were constantly paying for people’s accident. As a result, if they can be confident that you’re not going to get into an accident, they will inevitably lower your rates and give you better coverage.

The opposite is true as well.

That is, if insurance agencies see that you’ve been in accidents before, they’re less likely to give you the best rate. Agencies use statistics to look at how likely you are to get into it an auto accident, and they adjust their premium rates for your auto insurance plan accordingly.

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If you are a Calvert County Maryland resident, Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. in Huntingtown, MD can help you navigate your insurance policy if you have had a traffic ticket (or multiple tickets). We can also help you find a brand new auto insurance plan.

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Insurance Coverage Aspects that Make Home Insurance Complete

Homeowners in Maryland need insurance to safeguard their buildings interest in the event of disasters. Combining your coverage into one is more affordable than if they were purchased individually. The following are some of the components available in a home insurance policy from Monterey Insurance Group, Inc in Huntingtown, MD.

Property damage coverage

In the past, people in Calvert County insured their homes against destruction caused by fire only. However, other risks such as theft, storms, and vandalism can ruin your property as well. Insurers now include products aimed at providing coverage against such threats. A homeowner can opt for an open policy that caters for all risks unless it is excluded from the insurance contract.

Liability coverage

This policy protects homeowners from liability against others who may become injured on your property. If any of your relatives are responsible for injuries against others, your policy may settle any damages or legal fees on your behalf. It also caters for the policyholder and their relatives against liability for accidents that occur in the home or other locations around Maryland. However, the policy does not cater for any actions done within the conduct of your job or those deliberately taken to harm others.

Medical payment coverage

This coverage caters for medical expenses for other people, apart from your relatives, injured on your premises irrespective of who is responsible. The policy may meet all reasonable and necessary medical expenses for the next three years after the accident. Monterey Insurance Group Inc. employees have details of how this coverage can benefit you and how it works.

Additional living expenses

In the event of a disaster, your Maryland home may become uninhabitable which will cause you to have to find alternative accommodations. Your policy will cater for the costs you incur in a motel or other places of accommodation. It is good to note that the insurer will only pay for reasonable and necessary additional living expenses.

If you need to get more information about home insurance, call or visit Monterey Insurance Group, Inc in Huntingtown, MD.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Workers and Employees?

Commercial insurance protects businesses and companies, whether they are small and run out of your home, or are large and have multiple locations around the state or nation. One thing that many business owners struggle with, however, is whether or not commercial insurance covers workers and employees. You know that commercial insurance covers things like business vehicles, liability, property damage, etc., but will it take care of your staff if they are injured on the job?

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Vs. General Liability Commercial Insurance

Most commercial insurance plans have some amount of general liability coverage. For example, if your business accidentally causes damage to someone else’s property, this will likely be covered. Other things that will be covered include slander, trademark infringement, and libel. Finally, this type of coverage will take care of personal injuries that may occur when someone was injured on your property and can show evidence that it was caused by your negligence.

It is important to note that this type of commercial insurance does not cover your workers and employees. This is where worker’s compensation insurance comes in. Worker’s comp insurance is required by law in most industries, and it covers your employees if they are injured on the job.

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5 Things to Do When You’re In a Fender Bender

Your friendly agent at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. is here to help you through all the problems in life, including those minor fender benders you might encounter in the Huntingtown, MD area. In order to protect yourself and your savings account, here are 5 things to do when your day isn’t quite going right:

  1. Call the Police: No matter if it’s just a ding and scraped fender, if you are involved in a traffic accident with another vehicle, report it to the police department immediately. That police report can prevent a scammer from providing false information to their and your insurance company.
  2. Take Pictures or Notes: Your smartphone is a great tool! Use the camera to record images of driver’s licenses, license plates, the intersection, and the damage to all the vehicles. You may want to snap a pic of the other driver. If you don’t have a camera, write down everything that you see.
  3. See Your Doctor: If you feel like you have a bruised knee, it’s a good idea to have your doctor check it out. Many injuries don’t surface until after that adrenaline rush comes down. Don’t tell the police or the other people, "I’m fine," until an expert agrees with that assessment.
  4. Call Your Insurance Company: It’s just a quick call to the folks at the Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. to report the incident, and if the other person comes after you, your insurance agent will have the right information to defend you.
  5. Notify Your Employer: Even if you don’t skip a day immediately, should that head injury become more severe, it will help both your Huntingtown, MD area insurance agent and your employer to process any claims when they have accurate dates of the accident that caused you to lose days of work.

The agents at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. can help you find an auto insurance policy to deal with those repairs on your car as well. Reach out to us by phone or visit our office to learn how to start an auto policy today.